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Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 11:20am

Macon Schools Get Federal Dollars

This week four Georgia school systems learned they will not receive federal grants for schools through the “Promise Neighborhoods” program. But, Macon is getting a more than half a million dollars through the same initiative.

Macon came in third out of more than 200 communities nationwide. Mercer University wrote the grant and is acting as its facilitator. Thirty-five partner agencies are targeting four schools and coordinating resources to help students.

Mercer’s Peter Brown says while some of the funds will go toward meeting federal data requirements, more studies are not necessary.

“We’re not going to waste $650,000 simply doing planning. We have a very comprehensive plan that the partnership has put together over the last two years and we’re going to start doing it.”

Plans include summer internships for high school students and camps to keep younger students engaged in learning. Macon plans to apply for an additional $30 million next year.

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