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Wednesday, December 14, 2011 - 12:10pm

Macon Site For Cancer Research

People in Middle Georgia will participate in a nationwide study on preventing cancer. It’s one of the largest Georgia research sites outside Atlanta.

The program will track participants for the rest of their lives. Volunteers will submit a blood sample and a waist measurement. Every two years they’ll take a survey updating researchers on their health. And if any of them get cancer, doctors will analyze the patient’s blood sample for early signs of the disease.

The Cancer Society’s Molly Herrin says they’re hoping to attract minority participants typically underrepresented in cancer research.

“This has got to be a diverse study so we are reaching out in every manner that we can to make sure that the diverse populations are aware of this and to please join in with us.”

Similar long-term studies by the American Cancer Society have linked smoking to lung cancer and the benefits of aspirin in preventing the disease.

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