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Friday, November 11, 2011 - 2:53am

Occupy Athens Plans March

The Occupy Athens protest group is holding a march Friday night.

Organizers said they will be marching throughout downtown Athens, spreading their anti-corporate message.

“We're hoping to have about 200 people here, maybe more if we're lucky,” said Adam Lassila, who plans to participate. “Just to get different people together, get the word out, because a lot of times a lot people who support the movement will stop by and say 'Yeah!' but they haven't really been part of it.”

“Our government's paralyzed to the point that just voting and just supporting somebody from one of these mainstream political parties is not really going to get us anywhere,” Lasilla said. “Both parties are owned by corporations to a certain extent, and sitting on the couch wasn't cutting it for me anymore.”

Occupy Athens began demonstrating near the iconic University of Georgia Arch last month.

However, not everyone agrees with the movement. UGA student Amanda Newberry said she does not understand the group's message.

“Everybody kind of has their own idea of what 'Occupy' is,” Newberry said. “I'd like to see everybody kind of get board with one main point that they're trying to get accomplished. I don't really see pitching tents on the sidewalks, you know, in downtown Athens is going to get anything done."

Organizers say Friday's march will be a family-friendly, peaceful event.