Fri., November 11, 2011 2:30pm (EST)

Georgia Lags In Energy Efficiency Programs
By Josephine Bennett
Updated: 3 years ago

(file photo)
(file photo)
A new report shows there are big gaps in energy efficiency programs that utility companies are providing for customers.The Southeast trails the rest of the nation.

The report by energy consultants at Ceres looks at how much electric companies are investing to help customers use less power. It finds some, like Pacific Gas and Electric in California are spending fifty times as much as Georgia Power.

Ceres’ Dan Bakal says getting people to spend money on energy upgrades is challenging.

“If the incentives or rebates are very modest they really don’t get you over the hurdle. Especially in an economy like we’re in now where people really are pinching pennies. So, what you need to do is provide significant rebates and help with financing.”

Bakal says in the first six months of this year Georgia Power met nine percent of its annual savings goal.