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Thursday, October 27, 2011 - 10:39am

Fewer Schools Offer Bible Courses

The number of Bible classes offered in Georgia’s middle and high schools is drying-up. There are particular reasons behind the steep drop-off since their introduction four years ago.

One reason is money. With fewer students choosing elective Bible coursework, it doesn’t make good budget sense for many districts to offer the classes.

And the state’s tougher new math curriculum is a driving down enrollment as students spend extra time learning math.

Only 16 out of Georgia’s 180 districts offer Bible coursework—down two-thirds from four years ago. One is east Georgia’s Columbia County. Deputy superintendent Dr. Sandra Carraway says it’s unfortunate students have fewer and fewer elective choices.

“The changes in mathematics alone have caused a lot of elective courses to be squeezed out, so I’m really not surprised that that class isn’t one that’s offered.”

Georgia in 2006 became the first state in the nation to allow Bible classes in public schools.