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Tuesday, October 25, 2011 - 11:07am

Emory Warns Patients Of ID Theft

Emory Healthcare is warning 7,300 patients of its Atlanta Orthopedic Clinic that thieves who stole medical records compromised several patients’ identities.

Emory said most of the patients are not at risk, but the letters come after 32 patient records were among thousands of documents seized in April during an identity-theft ring bust in Duluth.

They are notifying the other 7,300 patients because they visited Emory’s Orthopedic Clinic about the same time as the 32 people whose documents were found.

“I want to make clear that is was 32 patients. We notified 7,300 just out of an abundance of caution,” said Lance Skelly, an Emory Healthcare spokesman. “We feel like there’s absolutely no reason for them to worry about this at this time.”

Nine of the 32 victims say their identities were stolen. Emory officials tracked the data breach to a single employee, who has since been fired.

“A lot of the documents that were printed off by this individual were really within the scope of her duties, so it’s impossible to say what was printed off properly and what was printed off improperly, if anything,” Skelly said.

Emory Healthcare is offering identity-theft protection services to the 32 affected patients. Skelly said they will offer the same service to other patients if they learn their identities have been compromised.