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Friday, October 14, 2011 - 12:06pm

Construction Employment Lags

Construction work has been growing nationally in recent months. However,Georgia is not seeing the same rebound in jobs.

Brian Turmail with the Associated General Contractors of America says just three states lost more construction jobs than Georgia in the past year, but overall the state's industry fell harder in the recession than others.

"It was a larger bubble that got burst in Georgia than say Ohio. You had a lot more people [in Georgia] working in construction and a lot further to fall than areas that had never really seen a construction boom through the latter part of the 2000's," says Turmail.

As Georgia continues to recover from big losses in home, retail and commercial development, other states are seeing employment gains with health care and energy construction projects.

Forecasters say that work will continue increasing in 2012, with a growing national demand for apartment and condominium building as well.

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