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Monday, October 3, 2011 - 8:00am

School Lunch Rooms Cut Potatoes

School cafeteria workers are putting fewer potatoes on kids' plates.

Some Georgia school districts are getting ahead of new federal guidelines.

The US Agriculture Department is formulating a proposal expected to take effect next summer banishing humble spuds from school breakfasts and drastically reducing them from school lunches.

School meals will rely more on fruits, vegetables and whole grains and less on sodium, fats and starches.

Spokesman Jim Weidhass of coastal Glynn County schools says, even though the proposal isn't final, his district's schools are now down to potatoes once-a-week.

"We're just looking to phase them out and replace them with things like whole grain macaroni and cheese, knowing this will be the type of stuff that comes down from the federal guidelines," Weidhaas says. "You have to try to put something that kids actually will eat on the table."

Potato lobbyists and potato-state Senators are fighting the proposal, saying officials are unfairly targeting the tuberous crop.