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Monday, September 26, 2011 - 11:46am

Another Year Delay In Port Deepening

It'll be another year before the Georgia Ports Authority can expect major funding for a long-sought Savannah harbor deepening project.

The agency's director says, given the project and budget timelines, the best Georgia can hope for in the budget now before Congress is $600,000 requested by President Obama.

Ports director Curtis Foltz says, that's enough to keep the project going but far less than the $100 million needed to start construction.

"That's really all that's needed right now," Foltz says. "The big federal money will come into play once the project's been approved, once we receive a Record of Decision we expect mid-year next year."

US Army Corps of Engineers officials haven't given final approval for Savannah harbor deepening.

Georgia officials want the project so Savannah can serve larger ships now calling on ports worldwide.