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Tuesday, September 13, 2011 - 10:35am

Video Game Teaches Money Skills

There’s a new football video game that educators want your kids to play. On Tuesday the state announced an effort to get the game into every middle and high school in Georgia.

Inside the locker-room of the Atlanta Falcons at the Georgia Dome, a group of Atlanta charter schoolers played a game of Financial Football. They played with Falcons star receiver Roddy White and Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle.

Correct answers to questions about money skills lead to big plays, and wrong answers hurt.

Cagle says the game is a great way to teach students necessary life skills on such a dry topic they might not otherwise take time to learn. Especially, in a challenging economy.

“These are great practical illustrations and kids can be a little more sympathetic to their parents when their parents say ‘we can’t afford to do this right now’. So I think it’s very timely, and I think it will be very meaningful in the end.”

White told students that he lacked money skills, and mismanaged his first professional multi-million dollar contract as a rookie in the NFL.

He says this game represents a great way to get through to children and to learn about money management now.

“When they do receive money, or when they do graduate from college and they do get these great jobs, that they do have the opportunity later on in life to do exactly what they feel like doing.”

Cagle says there is no cost to the state. The effort is completely funded by the NFL and financial company Visa, Inc.

The game is also available online, at