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Thursday, September 1, 2011 - 10:37am

Business Bright For Solar Companies

Three solar manufacturers in the nation have gone belly up in recent months because they can’t keep up with cheaper production in China. But Georgia solar companies are weathering the global market fluctuation favorably...some even benefiting from it.

Solar installer James Marlowe with Radiance Solar says business has never been better.

"We’ve seen ferocious price drops in solar and those price drops are enabling more customers, more projects to be developed," says Marlowe. "So we’re seeing an increase in interest and increase in the number of projects that can be built because of better economics."

Marlowe says the cheaper prices of Chinese products are keeping prices down all over. He says panels made in Georgia are competitive because they’re highly efficient and guaranteed under warranty.

Suniva in Atlanta says its domestic demand has grown six-fold in the past two years. It recently hired several people in order to actually start putting the cells they make onto panels this month. They used to ship all cells out for assemblage.

Meanwhile, Mage Solar in Dublin announced its market expansion in Latin America this week.