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Wednesday, August 31, 2011 - 1:45pm

Barrow Speaks Out On Redistricting

US Congressman John Barrow says, state lawmakers didn't have to redraw his district.

The Savannah Democrat is criticizing the state's redistricting process after Republicans targeted him in maps approved Wednesday.

Barrow says, based only on population, his East Georgia 12th Congressional District was about as close as it gets to being the same as it was after the last Census ten years ago.

But the Congressman says, the new maps aren't just based on population.

"Folks who are supposed to do what the framers intended -- make sure our districts represent the same number of people -- they're instead busy trying to make sure the district represent different teams," Barrow says. "And the team that's in charge of the line-drawing are trying to maximize their numbers."

Republicans moved Barrow's home -- heavily Democratic Savannah -- into a neighboring district.

"My district was the one that was closest of all those in the US House of Representatives, I think, to being exactly where it needed to be in conformance with the constitution as a result of the growth in the population in our district over the last ten years," Barrow says. "So this just didn't have to be."

He says, he'll move to stay with most of his constituents.

Where -- he doesn't know yet.

Barrow is the last white Democrat from the Deep South in the US House.

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