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Tuesday, August 23, 2011 - 12:02pm

Georgia Hurricane Hit Unlikely

Forecasters are predicting Hurricane Irene will reach the southern coast this weekend.

Although Georgia officials are keeping close watch, they say it’s unlikely the state’s coast will get a direct hit.

Georgia’s emergency team is easing off preparation efforts based on the latest forecast for Hurricane Irene. The powerful storm now in the Caribbean is tracking more towards the Carolinas says Crystal Paulk-Buchanan with Georgia Emergency Management Agency.

"The impact to Georgia would likely be on the beaches," says Buchanan, "some pretty heavy waves relating to wind, possible some rain on the coastal waters and on the immediate coast."

Buchanan says coastal residents should keep up with the latest forecasts if they have to prepare for an evacuation—though it’s unlikely.

Forecasters say the slow moving storm could hit Florida by Thursday and then the Carolinas the day after.