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Sunday, August 14, 2011 - 8:00pm

New Hunting Regulations

Hunting season opens today. Hunters will have to comply with new regulations, including a law on baiting.

The day opens squirrel hunting, but bird, deer and bear hunters are preparing for their seasons that follow in September and October.

John Bowers with the Department of Natural Resources says there’s a host of new rules, including one that lets them use bait.

"In northern part of the state, deer and other game animals may not be hunted over bait," says Bowers. "In the southern part of the state, deer may be hunted over bait. With all other game animals, it’s still prohibited."

Bowers says hunters must get written permission from the landowner to do so. Also, deer hunting is restricted in some northeastern counties because of a dwindling population there.

Regarding bear hunting, Bowers says the population is on the rise, so hunters in the north may take two bears each this season. And for the first time, bears can be hunted in Middle Georgia, but just for one day in November.