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Wednesday, August 3, 2011 - 12:15pm

Savannah Area Courts Major Warehouse

Savannah-area officials are courting another giant warehousing firm.

If the efforts are successful, the unnamed company would add to the port region's dominance in logistics.

Logistics is the business of moving things around.

And judging by the last decade, Savannah is doing a lot more of it.

Target, Home Depot and Ikea are among the firms that have built major warehouses in the area, largely because of port, rail and interstate connections.

Page Siplon of the Georgia Innovation Center for Logistics says, after the recession, the industry has picked up.

"Volumes continue to grow. Rail volumes are up. Intermodal volumes are up," Siplon says. "They go up and down. But overall, it's been going up, which is a great indicator."

Officials aren't saying much about the new potential warehouse in Pooler, other than it could be one of the area's largest and have a regional impact.

Jerald Mitchell of the Savannah Economic Development Authority says, the area's largest warehouses typically employ about two-hundred-people each.

"1.4 million square feet would certainly be what we would consider a significant addition as we look at current warehousing and distribution operations in the area, such as Target or Wal-Mart," Mitchell says.

The Georgia Innovation Center for Logistics says, Savannah's Chatham County has 320 logistics companies, employing 6,000 people, generating $1 billion in sales.

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