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Friday, July 29, 2011 - 8:00am

Fish Kill Spawns Second Lawsuit

This year's massive fish kill in the Ogeechee River has spawned a second lawsuit against a Screven County textile factory.

The Ogeechee Riverkeeper has filed an intent to sue King American Finishing.

The environmental group says, the company is discharging color, ammonia and formaldehyde into the river in violation of its federal water permit and Georgia clean water standards.

Riverkeeper Dianna Wedincamp says, the May fish kill prompted her group to step up its monitoring around the plant, where they found unusual water color.

"The Ogeechee River is a blackwater river and the water is supposed to be a tea color," Wedincamp says. "And from this pipe down to a certain area it's a blue-black color because of the dye that's being discharged."

The color, however, isn't new.

"We've had several citizens complaints throughout the years, lots of citizens complaints, about the discharge of color," Wedincamp says. "Fisherman that have never seen it and they go up to the discharge, they're just devastated and they immediately call us or put it on Facebook about how terrible it was."

The lawsuit is the second against King America.

A citizens group in June said it intends to file a class-action suit because landowners and swimmers were harmed by fish kill.