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Friday, July 22, 2011 - 10:53am

Georgia Power Prepared For Heat

A Georgia Power spokeswoman says, the company is experiencing similar energy use and generation patterns as last year, despite this summer's heat.

Lynn Wallace says, when temperatures rise, Georgia Power turns on lesser-used power units to meet "peaking" demand.

"Peaking units would typically be your small, combustion turbine units, the older, less-efficient units," Wallace says. "They would also be some of the hydro units that are very small that aren't running all the time."

Wallace says, the heat means, more heavily-used "base power" units like coal and nuclear plants are now running nearly all of the time.

She says, one way for customers to reduce their energy bill is to turn thermostats to 78 degrees, use thermostat timers and use ceiling fans to move air around.

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