Thu., July 21, 2011 11:44am (EDT)

Probe Targets Baker County Schools
By Associated Press
Updated: 3 years ago

NEWTON, Ga.  —  
District Attorney Joe Mulholland says the Baker County grand jury has ordered him to launch a probe into the county's school system.

Mulholland declined to tell The Albany Herald exactly what he's been asked to review.

He says he was approached several weeks ago by members of a citizens group who brought issues regarding the school system to his attention.

The DA says members of that group, Baker County Citizens Concerned About Education, testified before the grand jury Monday.

The group contends on its website that the board spends $14,000 per student on education and is not providing much of a return on taxpayers' investment.

Baker County Superintendent of Schools Freddy Thompson didn't return emails or phone calls seeking comment Wednesday.