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Monday, July 11, 2011 - 11:14am

Forum Addresses Energy Options In Georgia

Renewable energy is becoming a more viable option for Georgians.

The Public Service Commission hosted a forum at the State Capitol Monday discussing different renewable energy sources in Georgia.

Ryan Pletka is the renewable energy project manager for Black and Veatch , a consulting firm in California. He says that the field of renewable energy is growing.

“So the solar market today is 100 times larger probably than it was 10 years ago, and there’s a lot more people looking for a lot more opportunities really across the country and Georgia is definitely one of the places people are looking.”

Pletka says solar power, biomass energy, and hydroelectric power are some of the most effective renewable energy sources in the state.

Georgia Power introduced its Green Energy Program in 2006. It allows customers to pay extra for more environmentally-friendly energy. Greg Roberts is the Vice President of Pricing and Planning for Georgia Power.

“For those resources that are more expensive maybe than what Georgia Power could procure otherwise, we have the Green Energy program to pay for that, so customers who value that and want to help us grow those resources in Georgia can pay a little extra and then that extra goes to pay for those resources and to grow the program beyond what the resources are that we have now.”

Georgia Power is currently collecting methane gas energy from landfills in Dekalb County and Savannah. It also purchases solar energy from areas around the state.

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