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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 - 1:40pm

College Presidents Get Pay Raise

The University System of Georgia has approved salary increases for the presidents of Fort Valley and Albany State Universities.

The Board of Regents met last week and agreed to give presidents Larry Rivers and Everette Freeman a $25,000 raise.

University System spokesman John Millsaps says the pay increases reflect needed adjustments in compensation.

“The presidents at Fort Valley and Albany State, they are long serving presidents at their respective institutions and they were the lowest paid presidents in the sector, so the regents wanted to make an adjustment to at least recognize some of that longevity and to bring their pay more into the realm of what their peers make.”

UGA’s Michael Adams received a $50,000 bump in deferred compensation, but this money will come from UGA’s Athletic Association, and not state funds.

The University System of Georgia is currently working with nearly $300 million dollars in budget cuts.