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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 - 10:55am

Chambliss Unveils iPhone App

Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss isn’t on Facebook or Twitter.

But he does have an app for that.

Starting Wednesday, you can download an app on your iPhone, iPod or iPad to connect with the senator’s office. It features his latest videos, photos and news.

“This way, folks don’t have to sit down and stop what they’re doing in order to find out what I’ve been up to or how to contact me,” Chambliss said in a YouTube video describing the new app. “You can call my office straight from the app.”

Chambliss was unavailable to talk about the app Wednesday.

His press secretary, Lauren Claffey, said a disconnect often exists between Washington and Georgians. So Chambliss and his staff wanted a better way for constituents to connect with the senator.

Claffey said some House members have their own apps, but Chambliss is the first U.S. Senator to release one.

The infrastructure for the app will be offered to the rest of the senators to develop their own apps.

Claffey said future updates will include the ability to be alerted when Chambliss releases new information and to send a message to his office directly from the app.

She said versions for Android and Blackberry smartphones might be released later.

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