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Wednesday, June 1, 2011 - 10:21am

Immigration Law Police Training Underway

With a month to go before Georgia’s new immigration law goes into effect, training is underway for police officers, sheriff’s deputies, and others on its details.

An annual workshop on law enforcement issues brought together more than 70 people Wednesday on the campus of Columbus State University.

Dale Mann with the Georgia Public Safety Training Center says officers, deputies, and district attorneys were briefed on how to apply the new immigration law’s provision on traffic stops.

“There’s going to be continuous training with agencies for their officers and bringing them up to speed—basically trying to make sure officers understand the requirement of probable cause to arrest, before you can even start identification to see if the person is legally in the country or not.”

Mann says he certainly expects constitutional challenges to the law. And he says not much will change for how officers and deputies operate right now.

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