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Tuesday, May 24, 2011 - 12:53pm

Troopers: Enforcement Despite Shortage

State troopers are going into the Memorial Day weekend with staffing shortages.

The Department of Public Safety still promises vigorous enforcement.

Georgia has 953 state troopers -- 183 short of what DPS says it needs.

The state has just 24 more highway patrolmen than it did 30 years ago when Georgia had half the people.

Department spokesman Liuetenant Paul Cosper says, the shortage shouldn't last.

"The plans are there's going to be another school starting in November and they'll start another school in January," Cosper says. "Hopefully that'll get our numbers back up to close to operating strength."

Cosper says, troopers generally target the worst offenders but that doesn't mean they'll overlook your speeding.

City and county officers have to give a 10 mile-an-hour over-the-limit buffer, except in school and pedestrian zones, but state patrolmen don't.

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