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Friday, May 20, 2011 - 8:41am

Some Package Stores 'Lukewarm' On Sunday Sales

Momentum is picking-up across the state as more cities and counties prepare to put the question of Sunday alcohol sales to their voters. But many liquor stores owners are at best -- lukewarm -- on the possibility of another day of sales.

For grocery and gas station convenience stores, a seventh day to sell alcohol would likely be gravy to their bottom line. But the issue isn’t so clear for package stores.

Ron Wikle co-owns Uncle Jack’s Spirits in the city of Holly Springs in north Georgia. He projects his store would lose money.

"The convenience stores are already open and already have that overhead and now they're able to sell on Sunday. Same with grocery stores...they're not going to see any increase (in overhead)'s going to be good for them. But on the same token, we're going to have to be open to compete with that."

If Holly Springs voters "green light" Sunday sales in November, Wikle says he’d open his store for a while to see how things go. Wikle says one option his store might consider is opening on Sundays during holiday or big sports weekends, such as during football season.

Holly Springs is one of a growing list of municipalities statewide that have either scheduled votes for Sunday alcohol sales, or have started the process to do so. The latest include Rome, Albany, and the city of Pooler on the coast. And Macon’s mayor says he wants the vote for his city.