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Tuesday, May 17, 2011 - 9:35am

Lawmakers Visit Halls Of Fame

State lawmakers traveled to Macon last week to tour the state-run Georgia Music and Sports Halls of Fame. They’re part of the newly formed oversight committee to look after the two museums.

Even though they have no decision-making power on whether the Music Hall of Fame will be moved, the state lawmakers will report to Governor Nathan Deal. State Senator Robert Brown from Macon arranged the tour.

“I think that the important prescriptions or suggestions that will come from the oversight committee will be listened to by the governor and by the Senate and House as a whole.”

The authority board for the Sports Hall of Fame decided to keep the museum in Macon and let local groups run it.

However, the Music Hall of Fame is scheduled to close at the end of June when funding runs out. The music hall board has given Macon two weeks to come up with additional money.

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