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Monday, May 2, 2011 - 10:04am

EPA Eyes Stricter Water Protections

The Environmental Protection Agency is proposing more protection to wetlands and streams. That could mean more stringent regulation of coastal development.

The EPA's guidelines clarify a decade-old U. S. supreme court ruling that weakened wetlands protection.

During that time, coastal construction filled in many wetlands that prevented flooding, says David Kyler with the Center for a Sustainable Coast. He says the new guidelines would curb building on wetlands:

"I assume it would reduce if not eliminate the ability too fill on wetlands that are protected which would mean to the developer there would be less fillable area on a given piece of land; on the other hand to the public there would be less risk of contamination of flooded areas created by that new devdelopment."

The EPA is taking public comment through June before it finalizes the rule.

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