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Friday, April 29, 2011 - 9:22am

Tornado Hits Small Farm Town

Many people of Pinelog have spent much of the day clearing trees away from their homes.

A tornado tore the roof off of cattle farmer Shane Bramlett’s house and his mother’s who lives next door.

"When it got gone, we come out of the basement and started trying to look around best we could with flashlights, and seen everything was gone," says Bramlett. "It was just a catastrophe."

Bramlett says his cattle are still alive, but the twister took down his fences. Neighbors and friends have come out to help repair them.

A whole neighborhood was destroyed further down the road. Joe West is a construction worker who assessed the damage.

"I’ve seen a lot of houses that have just been completely tore off, the foundation, the roofs ripped off, trees snapped like twigs, basically just a natural disaster," says West. "I mean there’s horses in pastures that are dead."

In Bartow county alone, officials say more than a hundred homes were damaged.