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Wednesday, April 27, 2011 - 11:42am

Ga. Air Pollution Improving

Georgia’s air quality is improving according to a new report from the American Lung Association.

Metro Atlanta showed some of the biggest declines in pollution.

It fell from 19th to 23rd on the association’s list of cities with the worst smog in the country.

Augusta fell from 23rd to 30th on a ranking for particle pollution

Paul Billings with the American Lung Association says the findings highlight the success of the federal Clean Air Act.

"That shows tremendous progress that the pollution levels have dropped and that’s because of the work that’s being done to clean up coal fired power plants in the region as well as cleaner cars and trucks that we're seeing as a result of what the EPA [did] with The Clean Air Act," says Billings.

June Deen with the association’s Georgia chapter says rising gas prices also play a role.

"We’re looking to drive less, telecommute and all these things and put a higher value on vehicles that use less fuel," Deen says.

The Clean Air Act requires coal plants to use pollution-reducing scrubbers to cut emissions.

Georgia’s smog season started April1st and runs through the end of September

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