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Wednesday, April 13, 2011 - 9:47am

Georgia Loses Transportation Bid

Georgia is not included among the states receiving federal money for new transportation projects.

The Federal Department of Transportation announced several projects in the Northeast and Midwest on Monday, in addition to further funding for Amtrak.

The recent Congressional budget deal includes a pullback of nearly $1.5 billion in money meant for nationwide high speed rail projects. Georgia may have been a casualty of those cuts. .

Federal transportation officials say the cuts include future project money for the rest of this fiscal year—ending September 30th. And it pulls back hundreds of millions already budgeted in 2010.

Georgia wanted money to build a new Amtrak train station in Atlanta that would also benefit the state’s freight network. Jill Goldberg with the state DOT said in April the changes would benefit Georgia, but couldn't be sure of what would happen.

“We still have high hopes for it, but obviously with all the changes and things going on—the balancing of the budget, the requirements...anything could be impacted at this point.”

Despite the announcement there are several looming transportation proposals, including a proposed sales tax fund regional projects in Georgia.