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Friday, April 8, 2011 - 8:06am

Prosecutors Eye Gambling Cafes

Prosecutors across Georgia are keeping their eye on gambling at “internet café’s”. They’re also watching a bill now in the state senate.
Recently Bibb County District Attorney Greg Winters got a letter from an Atlanta law firm asking for legal clearance on a new business in his county.
 It’s a place where people go and play games like poker online for a chance to win prizes.
 “It’s kind of the new thing that we’re starting to see pop up around I think the state. I’ve spoken with a number of District Attorney’s around the state. They’ve also got these letters and concerns.”
 The cafes are legal. But Winters and others are concerned a proposed law, created to deal with the café’s, would actually make it easier for them to spread. It limits the number of machines and prizes given to winners.
 The bill passed the house and is now in the Senate.

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