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Thursday, April 7, 2011 - 11:29am

Masters Tickets Go Public

The Masters stopped taking applications for tournament badges back in 1971.

Only members of the Augusta National and those lucky enough to have made the cut more than 40 years ago could get their hands on them…until now.

Masters Chairman Billy Payne announced this week that a significant number of badges for next year’s tournament would be available to the public through an online lottery.

Winning applicants will receive 2 passes for one day of tournament play at $75 a ticket. That’s a bargain compared to the thousands they can fetch through scalpers.

The news excites David Baker. He’s been coming to Augusta from Kentucky for the past 12 years in the hopes of getting into the tournament.

"It’s just been such an exclusive thing that so few people can enjoy," says Baker. "This might put more tickets in more people’s hands so they can get in to see it and it’s an awesome place to see."

Practice round tickets will also be available through the lottery.

The deadline to apply for them is July 30th.

Fans who want a chance at tournament badges need to sign up by June 30th.