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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 12:27pm

Police Target Masters Scalpers

This week, Richmond County sheriffs arrested 13 people for scalping tickets outside the Augusta National.

Practice round tickets can sell for as much as $500 on the street.

Scalpers lucky enough to get badges for the actual tournament can make thousands.

In Georgia it’s illegal to buy or sell scalped tickets within about a mile of a sports venue. But that doesn’t stop people from trying.

Augusta native Ron Golden stands across the street from the National quietly seeking a badge.

"If you’re coy about it you can just go around and just ask for badges," says Golden. "If you hold up you’re fingers they know what you're up to and they’re gonna get you."

Bob Booth is a professional golfer and gets tickets legitimately.

He says he would never sell his tickets because the consequences are so severe.

"As a PGA professional if you sell you’re badge you are banned [for] life from Augusta," Booth says. "I had a guy the first year I came up here offer me $2,000 dollars in cash for it [but] I said 'No thank you. I’d rather come out to Augusta for the rest of my life than take $2,000.'"

Today was the last day of practice rounds.

The tournament begins tomorrow.