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Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - 10:42am

GA's Farming Future Not So Gloomy After All

It's never been more expensive to be a farmer in Georgia, but the opportunity to make money is also rising.

That's according to Scott Angle, Dean of Agriculture and Environmental Science at the University of Georgia.

Angle calls the state the potential "breadbasket" of the world.

He says many of the traditional farming states like Florida and California are having environmental problems such as drought, leading farmers to move here to grow crops.

And with international demand increasing and production decreasing, Angle says the price and demand for crops will grow.

But he says the price of doing business is also going up. Georgia’s average price per gallon of gas is almost 80 cents higher than it was just a year ago.

“Farmers are making record amounts of money in the commodities they produce and sell, but their input costs, the costs required to produce those things, are at a record high as well.”

Angle says whether or not farmers can make money is yet to be seen.

But, he says they’ll adjust as they always do.