Thu., March 31, 2011 1:49pm (EDT)

Music Hall Of Fame Board Rejects All Bids
By Josephine Bennett
Updated: 3 years ago

MACON, Ga.  —  
Georgia Music Hall of Fame (file photo)
Georgia Music Hall of Fame (file photo)
The Georgia Music Hall of Fame Authority Board today/Thursday rejected all four cities wanting to host the museum. But, the door remains open for the City of Macon.

After the state put the museum up for bid, Athens, Dunwoody, Macon and Woodstock submitted plans. The board didn’t like any of them.

The authority will now implement their contingency plan. It revamps the hall’s organizational structure. It also makes plans to preserve the collection and move it to three Georgia universities.

But, Mike Dyer with the Macon group Halls of Fame Inc, which is taking over the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, says the board could also give Macon one more chance.

“My understanding of the meeting the way it ended was we’re going to have it for a year if in 30 days when they re-meet we can show them documentation that we’ve got the finances that they need to keep it open for the year and cover the expenses.”

The museum loses state funding at the end of June.