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Thursday, March 24, 2011 - 11:23am

Landfill Bill Delayed

Some Middle Georgians are organizing against what they call a threat to their drinking water. They say Senate Bill 110 would make it easier to get landfill permits.

The 135-acre Wolf Creek landfill in Twiggs County sits over the Floridan Aquifer. The aquifer supplies drinking water to people in coastal and South Georgia. It also supplies water for local wells, including the one used by Jerry Fincher, who lives 3 miles away from the landfill. Fincher has spent the last two years fighting its expansion.

“We know the garbage got to go somewhere. But, why would you concentrate all of the garbage in one place where people live. This ain’t like in the boonies somewhere off, way in the distance.”

Fincher says he’ll be in Atlanta next week to testify before a House committee. The bill passed the Senate earlier this month.

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