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Wednesday, March 23, 2011 - 10:09am

Census: Ga. Tax Collections Down 8 Percent

Census Bureau data show Georgia's total state government tax collections dropped about 8 percent in fiscal year 2010.

Georgia collected about $14.8 billion in taxes in fiscal year 2010, down from about $16.1 billion in fiscal year 2009. Revenues had dropped about 11 percent the year before.

In fiscal year 2010, Georgia collected about $4.9 billion in sales taxes, about $7 billion in individual income taxes and about $685 million in corporate income taxes.

Georgia ranks 16th in terms of total taxes collected in fiscal year 2010. That put it ahead of neighboring Tennessee, Alabama and South Carolina but behind other neighbors Florida and North Carolina.

Nationwide, state government tax collections decreased $14.3 billion to $704.6 billion in fiscal year 2010. There was a $65.8 billion decrease in 2009.

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