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Tuesday, March 22, 2011 - 10:51am

Health Care Reform Turns One

Tomorrow marks one year since President Barack Obama signed federal health care into law. But, in Georgia the future of healthcare is far from settled.

Georgia’s Republican leadership is decidedly against the overhaul. The state’s federal lawsuit challenging the law is expected to wind up in the Supreme Court.

State lawmakers scuttled legislation to create the law’s mandated state health care exchange, despite receiving one-million federal dollars to study it.

But when it comes to what voters think, Bill Hervey, who teaches health care law at Mercer University, says Georgians are divided.

“Maybe a third of people want it repealed, another third love it. Yet the people in the middle who make up the difference, whose going which side they just kind of want something that works.”

The nation has time to debate. The majority of the law takes effect in 2014.