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Monday, March 21, 2011 - 10:11am

Virtual School Rally at Capitol

Hundreds of students and families rallied at the capitol today in support of letting Georgia students go to school online.

The state legislature created virtual charter schools in 2008. Students learn over the Internet, and their academics are overseen by a state-licensed teacher.

Senate Majority Leader Chip Rogers spoke in favor of what he calls a "tailored education."

"Some of my colleagues talk about the fact that there should only be one model and one system. Well that's crazy... We know that all children are created differently by God. They all have different needs, they all have different desires, and sometimes they need different settings."

The state budget deficit could threaten funding for cyber schooling.

The state recently expanded online schooling to high schoolers.

This fall, high school students will choose between four virtual charter schools.

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