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Tuesday, March 8, 2011 - 11:53am

Senate Allows Billboard Clearcutting

The state senate passed a measure Tuesday that lets billboard companies clear cut trees that are blocking motorists’ view of their signs.

The bill also restricts racy content of billboards by creating a 5,000 dollar fine for material that is obscene.

Republican Senator Renee Unterman from metro-Atlanta introduced the amendment on the senate floor.

"I am not trying to be out there and censor things. I’m just trying to be out there and protect children," says Unterman. "How can you argue with that? How can you argue with a state that is family oriented?"

The senate passed the measure 37 to 9.

Billboard companies have been trying to get the bill passed for years but it’s been blocked by conservationists.

The measure now heads back to the house where representatives must approve the amendment before it goes to the governor’s office.

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