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Saturday, March 5, 2011 - 3:23pm

Charter Schools' Fate Still Undecided

More than five hundred prospective teachers for charter schools showed up at a job fair Saturday. Many of the openings, however, could hinge on a ruling from the Georgia Supreme Court.

It’s a competitive market out there, says 26 year old Rebecca Mortensen. Even with her science background, it’s tough to find a job.

"There are very few openings, I’ve come across. Even here, they’re very limited. They say I want first, second, third grade, or I want social studies. They have in mind what they need," says Mortensen.

Seventeen charter schools came out to attract prospective hires. But for more than half of the schools, their funding isn’t guaranteed next year. That’s because they’re state commissioned charter schools caught up in a lawsuit that challenges their constitutionality. The justices of the Georgia Supreme Court have yet to rule on the matter.

Mark Joiner is a board member of the state commissioned Museum School in Atlanta. He says he’s not worried.

"We are currently moving forward as if we will be fully funded next year," says Joiner, but if they're not... "A large portion of our funding would be taken away from us."

The justices have until March 28 to make their decision.