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Monday, February 28, 2011 - 10:57am

Brunswick Jail Won't Expand Downtown

Officials in coastal Glynn County have narrowed their options for a jail expansion project.

The possible locations appears to end years of bitter controversy.

County officials need more jail space and so three years-ago they embarked on jail expansion in downtown Brunswick.

But their preferred location was in the historic district, near the waterfront.

City officials complained, a jail wasn't the best use for the property.

Now several lawsuits and an election later, county commissioners are considering two locations for the jail, neither of them downtown.

"They are happy to be able to be committing work to this project again because for so long it was at a standstill," says county spokeswoman Candace Temple. "They have designated that the expansion will not take place on that property and their priorities are really focusing on where they will expand the jail."

County officials bought downtown land but they were blocked from using it for a jail.

The land is now a $3 million parking lot.

The two locations being considered for the jail are near the county's public safety complex and near the county's public works complex.