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Wednesday, February 23, 2011 - 10:55am

Georgia Sets Export Record

Georgia exports last year rose to more than $28 billion, an all-time high.

The US Census Bureau now ranks Georgia 12th among exporting states.

Georgia's largest trading partners are Brazil, Mexico and China.

Georgia is the leading exporting state to Chile.

Our leading exports are wood pulp, poultry, kaolin and carpet.

Some of the biggest growth came in Georgia aerospace, where exports rose 23% to an all-time high of more than $4 billion.

Jeff Miller, a spokesman for Savannah's Gulfstream, says Brazil, Russia, India and China continue to be strong buyers of business jets.

"It's about 60% international, 40% domestic," Miller says. "Particularly the emerging economies, those have been very supportive."

Georgia's top trade official says, the exports make a case for Savannah harbor deepening.

"With the fastest-growing port in the country and a proactive trade team, it's no accident our numbers are growing," said Chris Cummiskey, Commissioner of the Georgia Department of Economic Development. "Prioritizing the proposed deepening of the Savannah Ports will only add to our companies' trade successes."

While Georgia exports have doubled in ten years, the Census figures show the state still imports about twice the value of its exports.