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Tuesday, February 22, 2011 - 9:38am

Rally Opposes Racial Profiling

Groups opposed to legislation that would affect Georgia’s immigrants rallied at the state capitol today. Latino and civil rights groups are warning that any bill encouraging racial profiling will be fought in court.

Opposition groups worry that Georgia could enact legislation similar to the controversial Arizona immigration law. One proposal currently in committee allows police to check the citizenship status of those they pull over for other offenses. Edward DuBose with the Georgia NAACP spoke at a rally opposing the bill. He says it amounts to racial profiling.

“This type of legislation simply gives law enforcement a license to go after black and brown citizens and it time to stop this measure. We believe it’s unconstitutional,“ DuBose says.

The bill does include language that specifically prohibits racial profiling. But it also empowers law enforcement if they have "reasonable suspicion." But what’s "reasonable" is not explained. The American Civil Liberties Union says it will sue if the bill passes.

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