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Thursday, February 17, 2011 - 11:20am

Sunday Alcohol Sales Bill Dead

The latest attempt in the General Assembly to legalize Sunday alcohol sales is dead, at least for now. There was not enough support among Republican senators.

Supporters of Sunday alcohol sales had high hopes for their bill this session, because it had passed a committee.

Opposition groups, including the Christian Coalition, ramped up lobbying efforts the past few weeks. Republican Sen. Chip Rogers says it’s clear the majority party has more interest in other issues.

“We had a long debate in the caucus and then took a whip count and there was not enough support to move forward and it was a decisive, ‘No’, we’re not going to move forward,” Rogers says.

Lobbyists for Sunday sales still have hope the measure will move in the state House, but Speaker David Ralston says if the Senate can’t pass it, it would be futile in the House.

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