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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 - 8:54am

Warm Temperatures Put Crops At Risk

By then end of the week some parts of the state could see temperatures in the 70’s. The early warm-up could put blueberry and peach crops at risk if temperatures go back down.

Georgia’s unusually cold winter means peaches and blueberries have had enough of the cold weather they need to bloom and produce fruit. The warm weather is moving that process along.

Earl Lee with Nettles Farms grows 7 acres of blueberries in Clinch County, and some varieties have begun blooming.

“Now everyone’s taking a risk or a gamble and they’re going with the early varieties and the earlier varieties you know the fresh product, that’s where you get your most money is your earliest fresh berries.”

Blueberries and peaches could both be impacted by freezing temperatures. Together the two crops are worth more than 160-million dollars.

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