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Wednesday, February 9, 2011 - 9:07am

Snow Arrives, Again

Snow started falling in north Georgia early Wednesday evening and a winter weather advisory is in effect through early Thursday afternoon for northern and central Georgia. But weather forecasters say it won't nearly be the event the state experienced in early January.

The National Weather Service says 1-2 inches could fall in north Georgia overnight Wednesday, one inch is expected between Rome and Augusta, and central Georgia could receive less than a half inch.

Moving south, rain will change over to snow in the overnight hours.

A mixture of rain and snow could fall as far south as Columbus, Macon and Louisville, although little accumulation is expected.

Temperatures are expected to dip to the mid-20's in the north Georgia mountains.

One of the changes state Department of Transportation officials made in winter weather planning out of last month’s major storm was to hire enough private contractors on standby for future events. But the DOT’s Jill Goldberg says they won’t be needed in this case:

“We have enough staff already working for Georgia DOT, that they can handle this anticipated storm and they will be able to respond to it in a manner that serves the public without having to call in extra contractors on it.”

Goldberg says extra crews are being pulled from south and east Georgia to work in the metro Atlanta region. DOT staff will be working staggered shifts beginning at 6 tonight.

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