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Friday, February 4, 2011 - 8:08am

State Re-Deposits 32-K Refunds After Error

State officials say they have redeposited more than 32,000 tax refunds after mistakenly removing the money from
the accounts of Georgia taxpayers.

In some cases, the situation led to bank overdraft fees when checks bounced. But state Tax Commissioner Douglas J. MacGinnitie promised the state would pay if bank charges did accrue.

MacGinnitie said redepositing the money was an important step, but more work needs to be done to resolve bank charges for taxpayers who were affected.

Georgia revenue officials have said the problems arose after the state issued about $12 million in tax refunds, but quickly realized that it had paid out about $630,000 too much.

In trying to correct that error, officials removed money from the accounts.

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