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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 12:15pm

Sunday Alcohol Sales Bill Passes Committee

Sunday alcohol sales is one step closer to becoming law. It was voted out of a senate committee today.

The bill lets local governments hold a vote on whether stores could sell alcohol after 12:30 pm on Sunday.

Amy Hillman is a working mother of three who lives in Atlanta. She voiced her support of the legislation. She says Sunday is her one shopping day and she’s frustrated she can’t buy alcohol.

"This has always troubled me just a little bit, because you can get in your car and go to other venues and buy a glass... buy several glasses," says Hilllman. "But what you can’t do is just pick up what you need and go home. If you want to have a glass fine, but if you want to plan for your whole week..."

Convenience stores, grocers and small businesses also came to support the bill.

Republican Senator Butch Miller chairs the state and local governmental operations committee that passed the bill.

"We didn’t have anyone that testified against this legislation," says Miller. "It’s a new day and people want to have control and that’s what this bill does. It gives local control over local issues."

Only one senator opposed the bill. It now heads to the full senate for a vote. Miller says if both chambers approve it, the law could be on local ballots this year.