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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 - 11:32am

College Programs Sign Top Prep Football Talent

Wednesday was a big day for college football programs around the state and the country. Known as National Signing Day, it’s a key part of the “business” of college football.

The major programs of the University of Georgia and Georgia Tech had subpar records last season, so they’re looking to restock their rosters with top-flite high school talent. The thinking is, the better a school’s recruiting class, typically a better on-field future performance for a team. That ideally would lead to more national exposure—and more revenue for a school.

Gil Tyree is host with GPB-TV’s Sports Central, focusing on high school sports. He says as much as schools put a premium on this day, the state’s high school athletes do the same:

“A lot of the kids now want to be on television. They look at the programs and see ‘I’m going to be on television Saturday after Saturday and I have a national profile. And if that school appeals to them, they say listen, I want to go out of state.”

And Tyree says Georgia is probably among the top-five for best high school talent in the nation:

“You look at the state of Georgia—I think the one thing that really stands out is high school coaching. The coaching here is second to none, and you can develop that. Plus the talent pool here is very, very good.”

Tyree says because of that, a number of high profile out-of-state college football programs make recruiting in Georgia a priority every year.

Get a full review on where Georgia's top high school football talent signed to play their college careers tonight on GPB-TV’s Sports Central at 7:30.