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Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 8:52am

No Fed Money For Storm Cleanup

Local cleanup cost totals are coming-in from around the state for the winter storm that hit Georgia three weeks ago. And it does not appear any communities will be in-line for federal reimbursement.

Georgia Emergency Management Agency (GEMA) officials say local governments spent a little more than $19 million collectively for cleanup of snow and ice. That includes what counties and cities spent on equipment, materials and personnel.

But GEMA's Ken Davis says the state is nowhere near the minimum amount needed to have been incurred for federal emergency assistance:

“Georgia would need eligible costs in excess of $12.6 million. However, those $19 million (in costs) do not contain anywhere near $12.6 in eligible costs.”

Davis says eligible costs would include emergency shelters and repairs to infrastructure -- like power lines.

The storm that began the evening of January 9th extended for the better part of the week, immobilizing areas of middle and north Georgia -- especially metro Atlanta.

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